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    On August 2, cloud silk (Shanghai) Internet of things technology co., LTD. New product sea silk digital inkjet multi-function label printing machine was officially released in Shanghai.


    Cloud silks CEO addressed QiuJianMing, thank you for coming partners the announcement of a new, extended a warm welcome to you visit, and extend my sincerest gratitude, and introduces the cloud silks of the company's business philosophy, this paper expounds the sea silks digital inkjet multifunction label printing machine creative purpose, not just to do a Chinese digital printing equipment, cloud silks is bound to create a Chinese brand, the international leading digital technology enterprise.


    Chinese printing and equipment industry association label printing branch honorary chairman tan jun qiao old gentleman congratulate cloud silk multi-function all-in-one machine to appear on the market, hope our country's digital industry can take innovation as the first task, gradually improve the rate of domestic production, work hard together to label the digital level of the industry to go up.


    China printing and equipment industry association

    Mr Tan jun qiao, honorary President of label printing branch

    Publishing college vice President of Shanghai curvet people, xiao-dong pan, vice chairman of Shanghai printing industry association, the label and special printing branch of China printing technology association deputy secretary-general degree students fu qiang, China print magazine President Liu Jiying have said that the sea silks digital inkjet multifunction label printing machine is a revolutionary breakthrough, the real sinicization is the key to promote the development of digital printing, hope cloud, continue to innovate to launch the sinicization of digital devices at the same time, the service will follow up with Chinese characteristics.


    Address the guest

    Label and special printing branch of China printing technology association secretary general and printing house COO him said, as a representative of the post - 80, thank you for your elder speakers, as a backup only go forward, thriving in the network mode of transmission of digital information and the construction of ecological civilization power sustainable development under the background of green environmental protection, printing industry ushered in the transformation and upgrading of the converging Internet + and practice of green printing development opportunities and challenges.


    Cloud silk marketing director Chen hanming for guests introduced in detail the sea silk digital inkjet multi-function label printing machine solution, multi-function label machine solution, cloud chain anti-counterfeiting traceability solution, cloud bridge omni-channel marketing platform, showing the full range of cloud silk, three-dimensional service ability.


    As a cloud of the strategic partners - love color beautiful color science and technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. East China sales manager de-qiang sun, esko Chen Xu trading (Shanghai) co., LTD software application manager, guangzhou junjie environmental protection technology co., LTD. Sales manager in cheng feng, li tao wei machinery equipment co., LTD. Sales manager also introduce the guests to their respective role in cloud silks to platform, share their elegant demeanour.


    Cloud bo's strategic partner

    The salon session was presided over by guo haiyan, general manager of Shanghai boteng information technology co., LTD., and everyone discussed the landing application of smart factory in China.


    5 "most" to meet the printing needs


    Haibin digital inkjet multi-function label printing machine adopts KM nozzle, printing resolution can reach 600*600dpi, printing width has 110mm, 220mm, 330mm three choices, printing speed up to 50m/min (high-precision mode) to 76m/min (normal precision mode), can achieve 20~400mm thickness of all kinds of label materials.The equipment integrates pretreatment (unwinding tension control, deviation correction, dust removal, corona), flexo printing, digital, bronzing, die-cutting, waste discharge and other processes, realizing the full automatic label production process from printing to post-printing.


    11 value-added ability to help small and medium-sized orders


    (1) instant proofing confirmation, waiting

    (2) non-electrostatic copy, no plate-making fee

    (3) reduce the minimum order volume

    (4) label printer's high return on investment

    Solve the problem of multi - format long version live

    6 quickly change orders, reduce waste

    7 can upgrade existing equipment, saving operating costs

    8 charges by zhang model

    Pet-uv ink - highly durable, water resistant, corrosion resistant

    Attending applies to the vast majority of flexo materials, without precoating and protection

    ⑪ variable data printing

    Digital is the future!The same goes for digital printing!Haibin digital ink-jet multi-function label printing machine with high efficiency, low cost and high added value enables it to complete extremely short to medium length orders, and can be customized orders, variable data printing, anti-counterfeiting printing once completed.