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    Hybrid Digital Label Productio

    Label printing industry is faced with sharp changes in the industry, a single printing order is shorter and shorter, the cost of receiving orders is higher and higher, while the profit is lower and lower, the customer requirements for delivery time is more and more tight.All this has put enormous pressure on label makers.Here, cloud silk digital label multi-function printing machine for the end customer, brand and label printing companies to provide a suitable bridge of communication, more suitable for the needs of both sides of the printing.

    Product Techniques

    Bump process

    Hot stamping process

    Iron silver process

    Video Introduction

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Product Advantages

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Print from one page

    Variable Data

    Injek Technology

    Pre - and post-press all-in-one

    Technical Parameters

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Digital Printing Engine

    Available Printing Width:

    110, 220, and 330

    Printing Method:



    600x600 DPI PhysicalResolution, @ Leval 4 Gray-scale UV

    Detailed parameters >>

    Multi-function machining system(Fully servo driven

    Unwinder Diameter:


    Rewinder Method:

    Dual Rewind

    Rewinder Diameter(Upper/Lower):450mm

    Rewinder 2Diameter(Lower)):Up to 700mm

    Detailed Parameters >>

    Environment al Data


    Optimum Temperature Range:20-25 C

    Maximum Temperature Range:16-32 C

    Ink Storage Temperature:16-32 C

    Optimum Humidity Range:40-60%

    Detailed Parameters >>

    Product Description

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Products Detailed Description


    The ministry of feed

    Adopt cantilever structure, easy operation and maintenance Standard dust removal function, to solve the problem caused by dust The corona device makes the material more adaptable Unwinding diameter: 700mm, roll core 76mm


    Winding unit

    Slitting device/upper and lower winding function Up roll: maximum diameter 600 mm, up to 3 rolls Lower reels: maximum diameter 700 mm, up to 3 reels The minimum space of knife roller is 20mm, touch screen control knife opening and closing Optional computer automatic tool adjustment device, shorten the adjustment time to more efficient


    Die cutting unit

    Clearance/full rotation film cutting unit Intermittent/full wheel magnetic knife roller, repeat size: 2-22" Maximum speed: 50 m/min (intermittent) 75 m/min (full rotation) Diameter: 25 inches, thickness: 0.48 mm Clean waste rewinding roller, standard with waste edge removal device


    Cold stamping and film covering

    Film cover/cold and hot The maximum diameter of feeding coil is 400mm Self-adhesive or corona treated UV laminating material The film thickness is 40um


    Flexo unit

    A flexographic unit placed behind a digital printing module Can be used for spot color local glazing, coating and other optional The front flexo unit can print spot color and base white, ink printing, coating. The color printing Partial/full glazing White ink printing silver Digital module overprint The UV curing


    Full color digital ink jet unit

    Printing width: 110mm, 220mm, 330mm Printing width: 50 m/min to 75 m/min Substrate: 20-200 microns Resolution: 600x600 DPI physical resolution, @4 gray-scale UV Color: CMYK+ white/purple/orange (optional) adopts Japanese kyocera nozzle with unique inkjet control technology Printing technology: UV - piezoelectric ink jet on demand Workflow: advanced color management process &RIP solution Ink curing: UV LED pre-curing between color groups (optional), with UV LED or traditional UV lamp full curing

    Product Photograghy

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Chief Application

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Drinks Industry

    Drinks Industry

    Health Care Products Industry

    Health Care Products Industry

    Tea Industry

    Tea Industry

    Electrical & IT Industry

    Electrical & IT Industry

    Clothing and Leather Goods Indu

    Clothing and Leather Goods Indu

    Cosmetics Industry

    Cosmetics Industry