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    WINJET100/300 A series of

    The system integrates Fujifilm Dimatix Samba nozzle, independent manufacturing integration, Winjet 200/300 series, both accuracy and economy, with ultra-high speed performance, can meet the rotary gravure, newspaper wheel and narrow wide flexo printing presses.Both bar codes and text, Numbers, pictures and other variable data can show extremely clear edges and high-quality printing quality, ensuring 100% information readability.The standard distribution system has an industrial-grade controller, which can meet the production environment of 7*24, and can preprocess front-end data in the process of printing.If there are special requirements: such as spot color, higher speed, resolution, printing width, can be customized according to the actual application requirements.



    Low cost

    High returns

    High speed inkjet press - supports all equipment

    High speed printing Support for old equipment

    Print width of 43 mm for a single nozzle physical resolution: 1200 dpi;300 dpi physical resolution;Black, spot color, invisible ink and other maximum speed up to 300 m/ min Low initial input cost, 300m/min super high speed and high quality perfect combination of variable data printing solution

    Product advantage

    High speed industrial inkjet system monochrome variable data printing

    The most cost-effective variable data printing

    Batch variable data

    OMR and print toolbar

    Variable words

    Icon and variable text

    Custom fonts and symbols

    Technical specifications

    High speed industrial inkjet system monochrome variable data printing

    Nozzle type
    RicohG4 piezoelectric nozzle
    Spray printing width
    R monomer 33mm, multiple nozzle splicing
    Print resolution
    Up to 300600 DPI
    Drops volume
    7-35pl (grade 6 grayscale)
    Ink type
    Water-based dye ink/pigment ink
    The ink cartridge capacity
    2-10 l (customer can define capacity)
    The standard color
    Applied materials
    Non-coated paper, permeable or absorbent materials
    VDP input format
    The controller
    Industrial computer
    Ambient temperature and humidity
    Spray printing width
    Single 33mm, multiple nozzle splicing
    Air supply requirements
    Dry compressed air,6-8bar
    The power configuration
    110-240v,50-60Hz , 10A(for inkjet systems only)

    The main application

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid

    Bottled drinks spray code

    Food bag, plastic bag spray code

    Medical spray code, cartridge spray code

    Daily industry spray code

    Printed circuit board code

    Carton printing

    Introduction to video

    Winbosc CLoudHybrid