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    Cloud chain, anti - counterfeiting traceability platform

    The era of connected Internet of things has come, and the rapid application of smart phones and qr codes will completely change the way we communicate with the world.As the next entry point to the world, qr codes connect everything to the Internet and realize the Internet of everything sharing and word-of-mouth will become the most important factor influencing consumer choice

    Power to prove

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd


    Large application area


    Industry segmentation


    Item digital technology


    100 million brand value protection

    Product introduction

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd


    Anti - counterfeiting products, anti - cross goods.Prevent, control and attack One yard solution.Anti-counterfeiting packaging integration: anti-counterfeiting bills, industry anti-counterfeiting technology investigation, anti-counterfeiting product design, release and transshipment control system, digital generation and printing.Three anti-counterfeiting application technology combined, to the code technology, anti-counterfeiting label, anti-counterfeiting certificate, ticket as the carrier based on visual, auditory, tactile information management technology to verify the authenticity of the product

    Product advantage

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Sources available

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    Liability can remedy

    Risk control

    Can be found on the quality

    Production safety

    Wisdom distribution

    Loyalty to the end

    Simplify the operating system

    The management interface of the platform is simple and easy to use, easy to operate, user-friendly design, ready for use on the network, fully automatic "cloud" platform, multi-account management, simple Settings can complete the enterprise product traceability information.

    Digital supply chain management

    From raw materials to production, logistics, marketing, the whole process of digital supervision, each node data connection, system intelligent data analysis.Production, inventory, logistics, dealers, stores and other supply chain system data can be made public to improve efficiency and improve the construction of upstream and downstream credit system.

    Intelligent big data marketing analysis

    Product identity management, whole-process data control of circulation link, whole-process information recording of intelligent supply chain, intelligent analysis of big data, clear management of production inventory and marketing effect monitoring.The whole "code" on the solution.

    Application field

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Application architecture

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Anti counterfeiting traceability




    The phone

    Web site

    Gets to

    Platform application layer

    Public information platform

    Security traceability interface

    Data supply layer

    Anti-counterfeiting traceability system

    Distribution management system

    Marketing management system


    Enterprise application layer

    The barcode label

    Barcode scanning

    Data acquisition layer

    The business process

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Platform overall business process

    Security traceability business process

    Anti - channeling cargo business process

    Platform function

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Basic data management

    Production enterprise coding system management

    Product coding system management

    Product logistics coding system management

    Product circulation channel coding system management

    Product label printing system maintenance

    Anti-counterfeiting traceability management

    Anti-counterfeiting code rule management

    Tracing information query management

    Raw code (security, logistics, serial number)

    Product circulation channel coding system management

    Anti - counterfeiting tracing source download and upload

    Data collection management

    Product assignment collection

    Box support code association

    Product warehousing collection

    Product outbound collection

    Anti-counterfeiting traceability logistics query

    Search anti-counterfeiting traceability information

    Logistics information tracing

    Product logistics coding system management

    Product circulation channel coding system management

    Product label printing system maintenance

    System management

    User management

    Role and permission management

    The system configuration

    Data report management

    Interface with existing warehouse management system

    Platform features

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Production to sales master

    A variety of anti - counterfeiting technology

    Channel manager management

    Big data service