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    Cloud bridge omni-channel marketing platform

    Cloud bridge is an omni-channel marketing operation platform, which is a perfect tool for brand owners to realize industrial transformation and upgrading.Omni-channel marketing refers to the combination of multiple channel websites, direct mail, E-mail, mobile and social media through interaction with terminal customers. Through the optimized marketing channels and personalized products or information, the response rate of marketing activities is increased to achieve the effect of precision marketing.Cloud bridge has the value advantage of providing a measurable omni-channel marketing solution.According to the authoritative company survey, 85% of marketers are looking for ways to improve their marketing measurement and traceability.However, cloud bridge omni-channel marketing platform USES different communication channels to conduct secondary marketing or vertical marketing to improve the accuracy, effectiveness and traceability of marketing activities

    Cloud bridge advantages

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  • Printing enterprise

    Provide high profits and reduce the pressure of low price competition;Supplement to pure digital media to enhance the added value of printing services;Meet the enterprise's needs for information and data integration solutions;Easily realize the combination of variable data printing and prepress management;Reduce staff and training costs to optimize the portfolio;Provide faster solutions and lower costs to provide differentiated competitiveness;Increase customer loyalty by handling data and processes

  • Service provider

    Win and retain customers with innovative personalized products; Low cost, labor saving, efficient management of marketing projects;Shorten the online time of marketing activities, act faster than competitors, seize the first opportunity;Simplify marketing project management, improve collaboration and optimize process;Reduce communication cost and outsourcing service dependence;Provide measurable marketing activities to customers to improve ROI;Fully enjoy creative freedom, flexible to meet customer needs

  • Advertising marketing company

    Innovative marketing means effective and fast accurate push;Creative teams use a variety of resources, graphics /HTML and delivery channels flexibly ;In the customer's own CI design effect, real-time data show the dynamic and results of marketing activities;Meet customer needs, more flexible;In the marketing process, create and integrate customer information resources, connect to the customer's own CRM system, and conduct better data processing;Maximize customer loyalty

    Product introduction

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    The marketing operation platform of cloud bridge will assist enterprises to conduct personalized precision marketing activities through two-dimensional code and omni-channel layout.We will apply a variety of ways, such as: browse the public content, focus on brand public, red envelopes, lottery, member of the registered brand, product discounts, promotional discounts, new product launch, to participate in public welfare activities, brand interaction, the authenticity, understand the production process, controllable circulation process, etc., realizing a complete coverage of cross-channel marketing layout.

    Advantages of cloud bridge

    It is different from traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail, mail, text message, etc., or pure social media, such as weibo, WeChat, etc.Cloud bridge can easily achieve multiple channels, one kind of experience.The most critical is a catch-all category for eliminating the multi-channel data associated with complex retrieval, in the case of a unified database backend easily implement CRM or ERP system integration, filtering, and analysis was carried out on the marketing indicator (BI), multiple data can be associated with marketing, display real-time dynamic marketing activity diagrams, etc., with your offer practical data show that only by printing, network media, single or two channels or email marketing, results the response rate of the activity is often not higher than 27%, while using cloud bridge all channel marketing operating platform, through the combination of a variety of channels, the personalized marketing methods such as the secondary marketing and sales.The response rate achieved is more than 45%.Personalization and scalability is the unique magic weapon of cloud bridge.

    Characteristics of cloud bridge

    Cloud bridge is an omni-channel marketing operation platform, which is a perfect tool for brand owners to realize industrial transformation and upgrading.The whole channel marketing refers to the way through with end customer interaction, using various channels (email, direct mail, WEB, mobile, social media) combination, through the optimization of marketing channel and personalized products or information, increased the marketing response rate, achieve the result of precision marketing value advantage is that cloud bridge have provided full channel marketing plan can be measured.According to the authoritative company survey, Eighty-five percent of marketers are looking for ways to improve measurement and traceability.Cloud bridge omni-channel marketing platform USES different communication channels to conduct secondary marketing or vertical marketing, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the accuracy, effectiveness and traceability of marketing activities.

    The process structure

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    The service is introduced

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    Personalized marketing

    Enhance marketing product classification and summary

    Automated marketing management

    Cross-platform sales (web, email, mobile, social media)

    Deal with end customers

    Enhance upstream customer loyalty

    The overall marketing plan, not a simplse copy of the campaign

    Customized marketing programs for upstream customers

    Application scenarios

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    Personalized website

    Enterprise portal, mobile phone web page, micro website

    Straight after marketing

    Paper direct mail, E-mail, personalized personal web pages, text messages

    Customer care

    Latest information, feedback, customer survey, holiday greetings

    Sales support

    Manage potential customers, automate activity flow

    Market analysis

    Response tracking, market segmentation, user behavior analysis

    Marketing activities

    Activity invitation, user management, activity reservation