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    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd is an innovative company with personalized digital label printing press with full channel marketing platform, covering marketing operations, anti-counterfeiting traceability, inkjet coding and other comprehensive solutions. Since its inception, Winbosc has been committed to providing the best quality, the most cutting-edge and the most stable Internet product for brand owners, packaging production suppliers, consumer communication platform.The core members of the entrepreneurial team of Winbosc are all from leading companies in various segments of the industry who have rich experience in marketing operation, technology development, industry application and service management. It is located in Lujiazui software park in Shanghai.This region gathered the most powerful information technology developers and companies in China.

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    Winbosc(shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

    Service hotline:186-6580-8094

    Zip code:200000

    Address:U valley, liandong, jiading district, Shanghai